Are you ready? 1 week to go until the Sleep Challenge!

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Are you ready? 1 week to go until the Sleep Challenge!

Posted Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:20 pm

We hope you're as excited as we are to kick of the first 6 Week Sleep Challenge for 2018 - Monday 26 March is the day!

Each week we give you the opportunity to log on and talk with your fellow challengers, to discuss and explore the tips and tricks we provide you. You may even get the opportunity to ask our very own sleep expert - Dr Carmel, one of your most pressing questions!

So why wait! Jump into our comments below - meet fellow sleepyheads and share what you're most looking forward to about the challenge.

If you're up to a "pre-challenge challenge", why not find out what your sleep position is - and share the results below.

Enjoy the journey sleepyheads!
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Week 1 Challenge: Ditch the tech

Posted Wed Mar 28, 2018 5:33 pm

The first challenge of this 6 week challenge is critically important and one we need to master if we are to get great sleep.

While many of us would have heard that somehow or other technology interferes with our sleep, most of us pay little attention to this warning, largely because we all love being connected. However, our connectedness comes at a cost and there is extensive research indicating that light-emitting technology is very disruptive to our sleep.

To get good, consolidated sleep we need to start switching off one hour before we plan to sleep so that we can start to produce the hormone of sleep, melatonin. Disconnecting from technology 1 hour before bedtime also has the added advantage of allowing our mind to start relaxing and ensures we do not go to bed with an over-active brain - which will make getting to sleep very difficult.

If you took up the challenge on Monday this will be your third night of experimenting. I hope you are beginning to see a difference. Let me know.

All the best, Dr Carmel
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