Beds, handcrafted and designed with you in mind

Some like to sleep on clouds. Others prefer a little more substance or a little more flex. We know that no two people are the same and our beds are handcrafted with this in mind. Browse our range to find the bed that you want to get into.

Support your back

Designed and endorsed by chiropractors, made by Australians, for your comfort. Our King Koil range features technologically advanced support systems that respond directly to your weight and shape.

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Something for everyone

Built to last and designed to cater to every kind of sleeper. Our Domino range has a diverse selection of beds, each made with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that has offered a blissfull night's sleep since 1911.

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Innovation for health

Advanced Ergomotion technology allows you to find your perfect sleep position, or a quiet place to read, watch TV or catch up on emails.

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Down to Earth

Naturally sourced Talalay, tenderly wrapped in pure New Zealand wool. Our Nature's Rest range contours to suit and support you, relieving pressure and withdrawing moisture, allergens and humidity so that you can rest well.

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Made for you

Exclusively crafted and made-to-order. Our A.H. Beard Signature Collection is the only Australian mattress that combines traditional handmade craftsmanship with technological innovation.

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Comfort is key.

Medically proven muscle and joint pressure release, allowing for better circulation in your slumber. Our FlexGel range features superior airflow that regulates bed temperature, keeping you not too hot, not too cold, but just right, all night.

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Smart Sleep Solutions

Discover how to improve the quality of your sleep with Smart Sleep Solutions: this range will monitor, track and analyse your sleep in order to provide personalised tips and advice - direct to your smart phone! Make informed changes to your sleep habits!

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Better sleep starts with better habits

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